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VC Miner is a web-based mining platform for small investors with minimal entry requirements. We provide the possibility to quickly enter the cryptocurrency market without preliminary expenses - we do all the mining for you. At the moment, Victory Miner offers three main algorithms: Regular (SHA256), Basic (Ethash) and Luminar (Equihash). You select which algorithm you want and we will provide our resources for that.

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Bitcoin (abbreviated as BTC) is an electronic payment system in which virtual "money" (bitcoins) circulates. Do you have VISA or Mastercard plastic cards? Both Visa and Mastercard are also electronic payment systems. However, they use the currency we are accustomed to such as dollars and euros, and all transactions are processed by banks. These currencies are called fiat currencies. The Bitcoin system uses cryptocurrency, a purely digital currency that is not tied to any global bank or economy of any country. It has its own value (rate), which is determined by demand.

Mining Versions


Hourly Mining Profit: $0.25 USD  

$129 $49


Hourly Mining Profit: $0.75 USD  

$199 $99


Hourly Mining Profit: $3.50 USD


$699 $499


Victory Miner will mine cryptocurrency for you with a globally competitive rate and at maximum efficiency.

Ensuring that you receive the most competitive mining rewards possible.

You can review payment proof in our payout section.

Victory miner is the most popular way of making money and getting richer.

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Miner's Reviews

Read a bit about BTC mining and... decided to go on with VC Miner. Easy to set up, even to do some tweaking, easy to maintain, after a month I am very satisfied. Great support, fast answering and friendly.

Hassan Patel - IN


I was having issue with BTC transfer due to fees and really not many people buying at the moment so i asked to make me a polygon matic wallet and they did it in less than 24h! Thank you again!

Sylvia Derrickson - US


The only downside is that you can only be paid in Crypto. I don't mind it. For beginners this is the way to go. Even after using other miners, I returned to Victory Miner best ROM and support.

Ricardo Fanteko - BR


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VC Miner is the most popular way of making money and mine Bitcoins.

Unlike other miners, with the Victory Crypto Miner you can withdraw any amount anytime.

Choose the most effective mining software with no membership fees or hidden costs.

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Maria Rodriguez

Thomas Bill

Mining License Valid For 1 Year!

Smooth Offline Bitcoin Miner

Either you are sleeping or at work, VC Miner will keep working either you are Online or Offline.

Every effort has been made to accurately represent the program and it’s potential. This is not a "get-rich-quick" opportunity, but it’s a legitimate way to create an extra income from your home. You’ll be amazed at how with some real effort you can see real results, but it’s up to you to take the necessary action. You will be given step-by-step instructions. We are a long-term business, our minimal effort system is designed to change your life for many years, use it correctly and it will.

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